Milky Way Photographers Guild

Learn, Share, Get Feedback & Master Milky Way Photography

About Us

Founded by Aaron King of Photog Adventures to provide an AD-Free exclusive Community where Milky Way Photography can be taught, shared, practiced & celebrated by fellow ambitious Milky Way Photographers.

What Do Guild Members Get

Members of the Milky Way Photographers Guild get exclusive access to:

An ad-free private community for peer tips along with daily direct "office hour" contact with Aaron King for answers to your questions, direct lessons, explanations of PDF Tip Sheets and portfolio feedback.

Instant access to all Tip Sheet PDFs such as the Moon Window of Opportunity, Five Favorite Tricks for Quality Milky Way Compositions and all new Tip Sheet PDFs coming in 2020

TWO Monthly live Milky Way Wednesday productions that now include 20-Minute Q&A sessions after every episode

Monthly Milky Way Roundtable LIVE a Monthly Live Streamed Milky Way Photographers Roundtable Discussion with 2+ well-known Milky Way Photographers joining Aaron King speaking on a topic as well as taking questions from the live stream audience.